Top PvP MMORPGs 2012 List

Top 5 PvP MMORPGs 2012 List (Free-to-Play Games)

top pvp mmo 2012
  • League of Legends – multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) similar to the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod
  • World of Tanks – a fun shooter game where players control tanks, with lost of fast team vs team PvP action
  • Heroes of Newerth – a good MOBA game for beginners and mid-level players
  • Shaiya Online – a full-featured f2p MMORPG with faction vs faction PvP
  • Elsword – free-to-play MMORPG game with fast and furious hack n’ slash gameplay plus PvP action with anime style graphics, epic battles, and devastating combo attacks

Test Your Mettle with PvP Battles in Free MMORPG Games

All online role-playing games have one thing in common; there are always plenty of things to do. While exploring vast worlds is a rewarding experience in itself, you’ll crave for action every now and then. How do you satisfy this craving? Why PvP battles of course!

PvP Battles Explained

PvP battles (or simply PvPs) are contests between two players. This part takes advantage of the “massively multiplayer” aspect of free MMORPG games. With plenty of players online at any given time come plenty of opportunities to duke it out and see who the best is. Everyone has a theory on how a character should be built and equipped but there’s only one way to prove who’s right – a PvP battle with the last man standing.

Free for All

Player-versus-player battles are often a test of skill. A battle is often a fight between just two players but more can always join. A team-versus-team fight can be organized as well. The number of participants will depend on a pre-determined agreement. Some online games may even allow for larger-scale battles involving several players from opposing factions all at once.

The Selling Point

The beauty of PvPs is that you’re never limited by a strict set of rules. Mind you, there’s still a code of conduct here which will depend on the players themselves. Apart from random sorties, free MMORPG games often organize tournaments for any player to join. Prizes will be at stake ranging from in-game items to even real items depending on the organizers. Either way, there’s no other feeling of coming out on top and having all the bragging rights.

Some may even argue that player-versus-player battles are what make MMOs really exciting, fun and addictive. It’s not just hacking and slashing though. There’s a fair degree of skill and tactics needed to win as well.

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