Choosing the Best 2012 MMO Games

So how did we choose all of the games listed here? Here is our explanation of our criteria for judging.

How to Choose the Best 2012 MMO Game

There are few things more appealing to a gamer than an MMORPG – especially if it’s free – because let’s be honest if you have a choice between two games one of which is free and one which isn’t, so long as the quality is comparable then you’re always going to pick the free one. Here’s where the good news comes in – there’s absolutely heaps of free games out there which area absolutely brilliant and great fun to play. All you have to do is find them and that’s the aim of this post … to help you find the best free MMORPG 2012.

Originality or Uniqueness

top 2012 mmo games

It’s all about having fun!

When trying to identify the best game in this particular genre one thing which is crucially important is how unique the game is. An MMORPG which is simply a carbon copy of another game is just pointless and shows no elements of creativity whatsoever. There are certainly common themes in many games but this is OK so long as they differ themselves through uniqueness in other aspects. So clearly, then, the top free MMORPG 2012 will have to be very unique and unlike anything that has been played before.

Properly Designed Learning Curve

A game must pose some sort of a challenge because if there’s no challenge then the game sort of becomes pointless because frankly you may as well be watching a movie. This challenge however should be saved for later in the game – after the player has had a chance to learn about the UI and other mechanics of the game. The learning curve shouldn’t be too steep but it should certainly bring the player to the point of having to dedicate time and effort to increase their skill further in order to progress and indeed therein should lay the challenge. Imagine spending weeks getting good at a game only for some new player to be able to jump straight in and compete with you – not fun. New players need to be eased gently into the game but certainly it must take a lot of time and effort to master the top MMORPG 2012 and become the best player that there is.

Graphical User Interface and Controls

Something which goes hand in hand with the learning curve is the UI layout and design. The UI is what connects the player to their in-game character and it’s vitally important that it has a usable and preferably customizable layout. An MMORPG which has a terrible UI can really ruin the whole game. The game itself could be one of the most creative and unique games out there but because of the bad UI design no one will be able to get the most out of it. Therefore, the best MMORPG 2012 must have an excellent UI design.

Next-Gen 3D Graphics

The graphics of a game aren’t vitally important in my view – it certainly adds appeal if the game has great graphics but if they’re below par well it really isn’t the end of the world. Thankfully the standard of the graphics in even free MMORPGs today is very high, but nonetheless there are games out there with graphics which leave a lot to be desired but make up for this through other elements of the game. Never forget that gamers we once satisfied to play a game of “tennis” which consisted of a line as a net, two shorter player controlled lines which could only move side to side and a pixelated dot as a ball to be hit back and forth. Graphics are merely how the idea for the game is presented to the player – the rest is done with the imagination. So, while not vitally important to a free MMORPGs success they are a nice addition.


This shall be a short paragraph: no lag. Lag makes games unplayable and an utter misery. I shall repeat for emphasis: the top free to play MMORPG 2012 must have no lag, at all.

Friendly, Active Gaming Community

One of the many great things about MMORPGs is the fact that you get to team up with other people in order to take down especially tough challenges – this of course means that you must work well together as a team which creates sort of a bond once the challenge is complete, or indeed sometimes a rift if the challenge is not complete. All of these player relationships are great within games and lead to things such as factions, clans or guilds which can then race each other through PvE content. Of course the other aspect of interacting with other players is in PvP when you set out to defeat one another – this is of course also a very important aspect of any MMORPG because it’s a very popular way to play. In short, the top MMORPG 2012 is going to need both strong PvE and PvP elements.

Creative, Fun Classes or Races

A game which involves players interacting with different types of classes absolutely must be balanced – in other words all classes must have both strong points and weak points and when all is considered the classes must be equal in terms of their strengths compared to their weaknesses. Different, unique and creative classes are great in an MMORPG because they all come with unique abilities which mesh together with that of other classes either in a supportive role in terms of PvE or a countering role in terms of PvP. On the other hand, unbalanced classes can really ruin a game – so with that being said it clearly should follow that the top f2p MMORPG 2012 will certainly need to have unique, balanced and creative classes.

Interesting Epic Quests

Player interactions aren’t involved in every aspect of an MMORPG and indeed a big part of them is questing and other storyline progressing sort of play. A good storyline coupled with quests which are challenging, interesting and most importantly non-repetitive is vital in terms of a good all round MMORPG and for this reason it must be said that the best free MMORPG 2012 needs to have a strong storyline.


The amount of enjoyment which a player gets from an MMORPG is arguably the most important aspect of the entire experience. Some MMORPG’s get everything right but for some reason they miss out on the subtle differences that make them really fun – they’re too serious. But it also depends on the players definition of fun … some people may find a serious and very competitive game fun while others may prefer a more relaxed setting. A general mix of both aspects is probably best so players can choose for themselves how serious or otherwise they would like to be while playing.

There are certainly a lot of different aspects to be considered and it may take you a little while to find the MMORPG which is right for you but once you find the top 2012 MMORPG there will be no looking back as you’ll have found a game which is truly immerse and will keep you entertained with several different aspects for weeks, months or even years.

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